About me

In my professional life I’m a Linux systems engineer for a global cloud company, I started my IT career as a punch card operator for Western Union back in 1983. I’ve have had many different It jobs in the last 30 years ranging from Mainframe System Administration (Unisys, Dec/VAX), Firewall administration(Check Point, Cisco) , Solaris/Linux consultant, to Management of large scale operations (National Public Radio). I find that the technical side of the industry suits me more than management.

In my personal live I’ve been married for more than 22 years to my lovely wife Marcia who puts up with my constant ‘projects’, toys, and initiative to do it myself and learn about it, whatever it may be. If something around the house needs fixing I learn how to repair it myself before hiring someone. My desire to understand all the workings of our everyday life has served us well over the years. Its allowed us to make better decisions, save money, and have the knowledge to understand what is really necessary for repairs and not just because it was ‘recommended’.   I’m also an avid hiker and enjoy the outdoors.

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