Raspberry Pi timelapse of spring.

I bought a Raspberry Pi2 when they came out and also a Pi camera and then came up with an idea on how to use it.

I wanted to take some time lapse photos of the yard to watch the new growth of Spring. To do this I needed to have the Pi outside in the elements but protected. I couldn’t run it off solar because I didn’t have a decent setup to get more than a single day off the battery and the Solar panel I had was way too small for this. I also wanted to run it wireless so I could monitor the Pi and download the photos so I don’t fill the 32G Micro SD card.

So I ran a cord from the house and placed the Pi and Camera in a Coffee Can with a small window for the lens. I cut out holes for the cord and used a clear piece of plastic and used silicone to keep the water out. Inside the can I made a cradle to hold the Pi with, what else.. DUCT TAPE. I then filled the can with some of my wife’s glass beads she uses for planting to give it all enough weight so that the winds couldn’t blow the can over. I put a brick over it all for good measure. Its been running about a week and so far, Spring hasn’t really been cooperating as we’ve had some snow, ice, and a few temps above 60. I’m hoping its the last of the snow till we get back into Winter.

To take the timelapse photos I found a good script that uses raspistill and takes a photo every minute. raspiLapseCam.py.  I then ‘rsync’ the images back to my home server once a day.

This setup isn’t polished, Its kind of crude but the Pi is safe, I’m getting photos and it will be kind of nice to see the grass green up, the peonies push up, and the Forsythia bush come out in bright yellow.

Picam 1 picam2 picam3

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